I’ve previously mentioned the Ulysses “Seen” project on this site.  As it turns out, they’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds.  For those that are interested in supporting this project (and getting some cool stuff in return) here’s your chance:

With your support, Rob Berry can draw the comic full time over the next several months rather than interrupt his drawing with waiting tables; we can defray the basic costs of production; and we can devote more resources to developing the site as web-based community. We’ve figured out how much we need to pay rent on the studio and keep the web site up for another year: $6,300. We’ve created a great set of rewards for you–but the best one is being a part of a project that is making history.

As of October 30, we have added a new EXCLUSIVE reward for contributors at the $35 level and above. Robert Berry has been creating new character sketches of random Dubliners to be used in crowd scenes going forward. We don’t want to alter our existing rewards structure, but we feel strongly about these new sketches that we want to offer the original pieces as rewards. The order in which the contributions have been received will directly determine the order in which contributors are able to choose. These sketches can be found on the ulyssesseen.com blog (at the first link below) and on the ULYSSES “SEEN” Facebook page (at the second link below). There will be at least 69 sketches at the end of the process, so look for new images to be added to these galleries every day or two.

To support this truly cool endevour and obtain the accompanying warm-fuzzies, click here.