August has come and gone and it was by far the biggest month in terms of readership the site has seen since it’s launch.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and especially those who shared what they read with friends and colleagues.  I truly appreciate it.

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Here are the top 10 most read posts for August.  Enjoy!

  1. Amazon Gets Customer Service: A Personal Anecdote
  2. Counter-signaling in the Luxury Brand Market: Snookie Edition
  3. The Mating of Ideas
  4. Visualizing my Social Network
  5. Higher Education ROI: How good was your investment
  6. Evaluating Human Capital Investments Through the Prism of Baseball
  7. “Statistics is the New Grammar”
  8. Performance and the Framing of Difficulty
  9. Rational Analysis ≠ Better Choices?
  10. The Danger of Data without Theory