One year ago today I started Signal/Noise, thinking it would simply serve as a public notebook to play around with the various ideas that I have.  Maybe a handful of people that I knew would check it out, maybe some others that happened to stumble upon it.  Either way, I could not imagine that after 12 months the site would accumulate over 14,000 visits.  Certainly, those numbers won’t land me on anyone’s top ten, but to me it is pretty amazing.  I know how limited people’s time is.  So the fact that you’ve taken a small part of your day to read my musings is gratifying.

Here’s what folks have read the most over the past year (I’ll have July’s Most Read up in a few days).  As always, enjoy!

  1. Visualizing my Social Network
  2. Evaluating Human Capital Investments Through the Prism of Baseball
  3. The Mating of Ideas
  4. Piracy as a Signal of Value? [Updated]
  5. Crowdsourcing Resources
  6. Open-ended vs. Scale Questions: A note on survey methodology
  7. Organizing for Innovation
  8. David Lee Roth: A master at leveraging signals
  9. You don’t always know what you want
  10. “Statistics is the New Grammar”
  11. Crowdsourcing your Diagnosis?
  12. Higher Education ROI: How good was your investment
  13. Brand Power in a Recession
  14. An Innovator’s Dilemma: Amazon and Apple
  15. The Role of Polymaths in Innovation
  16. My senior thesis gets less impressive by the day
  17. More on a Data-driven World
  18. Choose your friends wisely: the behavioral influence of social networks
  19. The Firm, Transaction Costs, and Organizing for Innovation
  20. Brands, Knock-offs, and Conspicuous Conspicuous Consumption