The readership of Signal/Noise has grown substantially since the site launched back in August of last year.  Since people have actually decided to read what I write (a fact that I am still amazed by) I’ve added a few different methods for folks to keep up with new posts.  Right now there are three different ways to automatically get updates without visiting the site directly:

  1. RSS Feed: For those that make use of some kind of RSS reader (Google Reader, etc) you can subscribe to new posts with this feed.
  2. Email: You can subscribe to Signal/Noise by email and receive a daily digest of any new posts by clicking here.
  3. Facebook: Finally, you can follow the site on Facebook by navigating here and “Liking” the page.  Facebook pages generally updated a little slower than the RSS feed when new posts are published, but why not show your love for Signal/Noise to your entire social network?

If your preferred method isn’t already listed, let me know.  And as always, thanks for reading!