As everyone seems to be offering up their year-end selection of top posts I figured I might as well join the chorus.  So here is an annotated list of the top 20 posts at billpetti.com (at least in terms of page views) for 2009.  Thanks again to everyone that stopped by:

  1. Piracy as a Signal of Value? [Updated]: Think-piece on whether the pirating of content is a reliable signal of its worth
  2. Split-screen Browsing for Firefox: Still an add-on that I could not live without, personally or professionally
  3. Evaluating Human Capital Investments Through the Prism of Baseball: Think-piece on how measuring employee performance suffers from the same issues that inspired a revolution in player evaluation in baseball
  4. Crowdsourcing Resources: A collection of websites, books, articles, and references related to the practice and business of crowdsourcing
  5. Visualizing my Social Network: First-run at analyzing my LinkedIn connections using Many Eyes
  6. Lightsabers: Coming to a battlefield near you: Some very cool technology
  7. More on a Data-driven World: Links & Commentary: Reference post with lots of links
  8. You don’t always know what you want: How to avoid sameness and create conditions for innovation
  9. The Role of Polymaths in Innovation: The advantages of of intellectual ADD
  10. Organizing for Innovation: A conversation with Ana Andjelic: Part I of a discussion between me and Ana on the optimal way to organize a group/organization for innovation and creativity
  11. An Innovator’s Dilemma: Amazon and Apple: My first substantive piece after the site launched in August.
  12. Theory vs. Practice: Umair Haque’s 10 Rules for 5G Warfare: My critique of Haque’s application of 5G to current politics
  13. Brand Power in a Recession: How resilient is brand power when the economy tanks?
  14. Extended rant: Mark Helprin is not a crowdsourcing/social tech fan: Self explanatory
  15. The ‘Soft Sciences’ to get their Day: A confluence of events is increasing the demand for individuals with a training in the social sciences
  16. Machiavelli on Barriers to Innovation: Great quote
  17. We are all creatives now (or, at least, will be by 2013): The growth of creatives and some implications
  18. Post hoc ergo propter hoc: A critique of a Charles Blow op/ed
  19. The Firm, Transaction Costs, and Organizing for Innovation: Part II of my discussion with Ana
  20. Signaling and Communication: The inherent difficulties that lie in getting others to believe what you say