Noah Brier notes that there is still a long way to go when it comes to enlightened communication on the Internet:

Rob Walker is great at finding pithy ways to sum up problems. In this edition he ruminates on the state of “online dialogue” (which I copy in full because it’s such a short post, but go over and subscribe to Rob’s blog as it’s great):
Yesterday somebody using the Robwalker.net contact form sent a message, and all it said was: “Read my blog.” Followed by a link.

I found this depressing. Somehow it seemed to sum up the entire state of online “dialogue” these days — a blunt demand for attention. But points for honesty, I guess.

Now, I am thrilled when new people read my blog, but I didn’t start writing for the sole purpose of accumulating page views.  I wanted an outlet to kick around ideas and thoughts and, hopefully, meet some new people and hear their ideas in the process.  So far, so good.