October turned out to be a record month for the site–traffic more than doubled from September.  Given the increased traffic, and my more regular posting pattern, I thought I would start a new feature.  At the close of every month I will list the 10 most viewed posts over the past 30 days.  The posts do not need to have been written in the previous month, just viewed.  Enjoy, and thanks again for visiting!

Most Viewed Posts: October 2009

  1. Piracy as a Signal of Value? [Updated]
  2. Split-screen Browsing for Firefox
  3. The Role of Polymaths in Innovation
  4. You don’t always know what you want
  5. We are all creatives now (or, at least, will be by 2013)
  6. The ‘Soft Sciences’ to get their Day?
  7. Organizing for Innovation: A conversation with Ana Andjelic
  8. Beta Testing “Book of Odds”
  9. Crowdsourcing your Diagnosis?
  10. Industrialization is Dirty