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For those that are interested the “living by numbers” and personal metrics trend, be sure to check out your.flowingdata.

Your.flowingdata is a great interface that allows you to track your daily behavior through quick, direct messages on twitter.  Want to track how far you walk, how much you eat, how often you spend online versus reading printed media, etc?  The program allows you to interact with the data in a number of helpful ways and, if you like, share your data with friends or download the data and conduct your own analysis.  Nathan (the creator of FlowingData.com and, of course, your.flowingdata) has a post detailing several updates to the program since the July launch.

Like any data analysis exercise, the payoff can be uncovering patterns in your behavior that you simply weren’t aware of since we a) tend to lose perspective in the moment,  and b) we also our memories tend to be biased (i.e. recalling more recent events prominently, or emphasizing extreme events over mundane ones).

The key is that the program also provides various visualization tools so that you can very easily view the patterns as they emerge.  This kind of feedback is critical if you are serious about altering your behavior.  Maybe you eat too much, too late at night, aren’t getting enough sleep, spending too much time online.  In some cases you likely have an idea that your behavior is out of whack, but in other cases you may not realize the impact that certain behaviors are having.  Visualizing your personal metrics can be a real eye-opener and help you to make productive changes in your life.