According to Adam Singer, the number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002 stands at 133,000,000.  So why am I starting a new one?  It’s pretty simply: I needed an appropriate forum to comment on new interests.

Since my grad school days I have been blogging on and off at The Duck of Minerva, under both my name and the pseudonym Randy Waterhouse.  (Fans of Neal Stephenson will immediately recognize the reference).  However, as I’ve moved away from academia my interests have shifted–or more accurately, broadened to include topics such as business, innovation, technology, and social media.  The Duck is really a vehicle for commenting on global politics from an analytical and academic perspective.  As such, it really isn’t the venue to talk about new technologies, abstract thoughts on innovation and creativity, or to offer musings on business and the economy.

So I’ve created this space with the hopes that friends, colleagues, and fellow travelers on the web will stop by and contribute to a conversation about these and other topics.  I am not launching this site with the hopes of becoming a blogger of note.  Instead, I am simply hoping to create a venue where engaged friends and colleagues can come together to share their insights on various topics.  What can you expect to read?

  • Concept posts on the topics I’ve listed above
  • Links to interesting authors and topics with brief commentary
  • Book reviews, suggested sites, etc.

Additionally, I’ll likely cross-post any new commentary from The Duck and would certainly encourage those of you with an interest in global politics to check it out, especially the work of my colleagues.

As someone who is obsessed with information, creativity, and the production of knowledge I hope we can get some interesting conversations going.